Ice Worms

    Ice Worms Live in Glaciers, Melt if Exposed to Temperatures Above 40°F (4.4°C)

    Ice worms live in glaciers and if they're exposed to temperatures above 40°F, they melt!

    Since humans began discovering microscopic organisms, they've discovered life at the very edges of what we thought was possible - even space! One such extremeophile, the tardigrade, was discovered to survive the vacuum of space.

    Then there's Pyrococcus furiosus, a microbe that enjoys life at boiling point around geothermally-heated marine sediments.

    However, there's another to add to the list of extremeophile life forms, and that's a type of worm that lives in glacial ice: the ice worm.

    Unlike the other life forms mentioned, ice worms are actually visible to the naked eye, appearing as little black, blue, or white wriggly worms that are approximately a few centimeters long - about the size of a small baby earthworm.

    These worms are much more hardcore than the humble earthworm, living in ice and surviving freezing temperatures. However, if exposed to temperatures above 40°F (about 4.4°C) they'll actually melt and liquefy.

    They're found in glaciers in North America, mainly Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. They have not been found in other glacial regions around the world.

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