20-Ft-Wide Manta Ray Caught in 1933 Is One of the Largest Ever

    One of the largest manta rays ever caught was by Capt. A.L. Kahn in 1933 off Brielle. It weighed over 5,000 pounds and was over 20 feet wide.

    Yup, the manta ray in the picture is indeed real.

    Caught in 1933, it weighed a whopping 5,000 pounds and measured in at over 20 foot in width. It was caught by Captain A.L. Kahn who was angling 7 miles off the coast of Brielle, New Jersey, when the monstrously-proportioned manta became entangled in the anchor line.

    It reportedly almost took out Kahn's fishing boat and the coast guard had to be called. Twenty-two shots were fired from a rifle before it was towed back to the marina in Brielle.

    Giant Manta Rays are found throughout the world's warmer oceans and are generally placid creatures, surviving by eating plankton.

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