Prairie Dogs' Greeting Kiss

    Prairie dogs affectionately greet each other with a 'kiss'.

    Prairie dogs are incredibly cute-looking animals. It turns out that they're also incredibly sweet animals with displays of public affection that'll floor any animal lover in an awe of cuteness.

    Researchers who study prairie dogs observed the behavior among the 25 black-tailed prairie dogs they were studying.

    In another apparent affectionate gesture, the cute rodents put their tongue against the other's in a 'greeting kiss'.

    Interestingly, the researchers found that with more zoo visitors observing the prairie dogs, the more affectionate they became - with an increase in touching and kissing, and a decrease in fighting.

    They believe that the animals are "enriched" by human attention, subsequently becoming happier and more affectionate, so, according to these observations, increasing visibility of the prairie dogs in zoos would most likely benefit them.

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