Pygmy Jerboa

    Pygmy Jerboa: Cute Desert Rodent Looks Like Duckling-Mouse

    Measuring in at barely 2" long, the Pygmy Jerboa looks like a cross between a mouse and a duckling - and it's extremely cute!

    Jerboas are small desert-dwelling rodents that live mostly in North Africa and Asia. They're able jumpers, with a long, sturdy tail and strong hind limbs that are at least 4 times as long as their forelimbs.

    There are 33 species of jerboa, and six of these species are classified as pygmy. Characteristics between the species of jerboa vary. Perhaps one of the most peculiar species of jerboa to be discovered thus far was during an expedition to the Gobi in 2007. It sports substantially longer ears than others; two-thirds its body length, giving it one of the largest ear-to-body ratios in the world.

    In 2009, a video that went viral on YouTube featured an unidentified pygmy jerboa. Experts believe that it is most likely Cardiocranius paradoxus, a species of pygmy jerboa that has five toes and was once featured on Soviet stamps in 1985.

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