Switzerland: Illegal to Own Only One Guinea Pig

    In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig, because they are prone to loneliness.

    Guinea pigs are cute, sociable animals that are susceptible to loneliness when they do not have a companion.

    Switzerland, a country that prioritises animal rights, has made an effort to prevent guinea pig loneliness by actually making it illegal to keep only one guinea pig - there must be at least 2.

    Subsequently, this also gives some guinea pig owners a problem: what happens when one dies? This has given birth to a new business niche; rent-a-guinea-pig services.

    It makes sense. If the lonely guinea pig is also older, it may not be practical to actually invest in a companion and enter a cycle of replacing guinea pigs. Instead, the rent-a-guinea-pig service enables people to do exactly what the name says - rent a guinea pig for as long as needed, then return it.

    All in all, loneliness is no problem for guinea pigs in Switzerland!

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