Free Daily Ice Cream

    Ben & Jerry's Employees Get Free Daily Tubs of Ice Cream

    All employees of Ben & Jerry’s get to take home 3 free pints of ice cream every single day!

    Ben & Jerry's is a world famous ice cream brand that produces a variety taste-tastic flavors.

    According to the Ben & Jerry's official job opportunities webpage, people who are lucky enough to work for the ice cream supergiant get three free pints of Ben & Jerry's "super premium ice cream and frozen yogurt every day."

    Other benefits include paid family leave and health club memberships.

    Ben & Jerry's are based in Vermont, USA, so if you're a fan of ice cream and live local enough or are willing to relocate, you should check out their job opportunities page and perhaps be lucky enough to land yourself a job with, literally, a life-time supply of chocolate.

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