Dead Google's Employees' Families Receive Fantastic Package

    If an employee of Google dies, their spouse will receive half their pay for 10 years as well as stock benefits, and any children will receive $1000 a month until they turn 19.

    Google is well-known for its green investments and forward thinking. Their policy of support for a dead Google employee's bereaved family is also top-notch.

    In 2012, it was reported that Google would enact new death benefits for succumbed employees. Upon death, an employees spouse can expect to receive half of the employee's salary for 10 years.

    They will also receive stock benefits, and their children will receive $1,000 every month until they turn 19.

    There's no small print on the requirements either - all of Google's 34,000 employees are eligible.

    Adding to Google's gay-friendly policies, they have also confirmed that the policy covers same-sex spouses.

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