IKEA Boss, Ingvar Kamprad, Lives Humble Lifestyle

    Despite being one of the top 10 richest men in the world, Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) lives in a small home, eats at IKEA, and uses the bus.

    Since it opened in 1943, IKEA has grown to become a huge, multinational group of companies. This has made the founder of IKEA, Swedish business magnate Ingbar Kamprad, a very rich man. So rich, in fact, that he was the 5th richest person in the world in 2012.

    Despite his vast wealth, Kamprad leads a frugal lifestyle and shuns the extravagances he can afford.

    He lives in Switzerland, inside a modest bungalow and even assembled all of the IKEA furniture inside it himself.

    Rather than flying in on a snazzy private jet, he prefers to take the economy class on a budget airline. He also prefers to take public buses. Once, he was even refused entry to a gala where he was to receive the Businessman Of The Year Award, simply because he arrived on the bus.

    Even Kamprad's dining habits reflect his choice in lifestyle. Rather than dining in luxurious restaurants tailored for the upper-class or having a butler-served meal, he enjoys eating at the cafeterias at IKEA, where reportedly his favourite dish is Swedish meatballs.

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