Lenovo CEO Redistributed His $3M Bonus to 10,000 Employees. Twice.

    As a reward for record profits, the CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, received a $3 million bonus, which he redistributed to about 10,000 of Lenovo's employees. He did the same again in 2013.

    Lenovo is a Chinese company that has seen its profits rise in recent years.

    In 2012, they did so well that the CEO of the company, Yang Yuanqing, was given a bonus of $3,000,000 as a reward for record profits, which he redistributed to about 10,000 of the employees working under him, the majority being production staff. This amounts to about $300 per employee, about the typical worker's monthly pay.

    According to Jeffrey Shafer, spokesman for Lenovo, Yang felt that it would be the right thing to "redirect [the money] to the employees as a real tangible gesture for what they done."

    In 2013, Yang received a $3.25 million bonus and again redistributed it to 10,000 Lenovo employees across 20 countries.

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