Tim's Place

    Tim's Place, Albuquerque

    There's a restaurant in Albuquerque called Tim's Place that serves breakfast, lunch, and hugs - and it's owned by a man with Down's Syndrome.

    Running pretty much any business can be demanding task, let alone a popular restaurant. Tim Harris didn't let this deter him from his dream of opening a restaurant, though, despite having Down's Syndrome

    Opening its doors in 2010, Tim's Place labels itself as the "World's Friendlist Restaurant," serving as "an inspiration for individuals from all walks of life." It even sees international customers coming over to see what the restaurant is all about, claiming on its site that people come from "five to 5,000 miles away."

    Hungry customers have a "fun menu" to choose from that features mainly home-style Southwestern/American dishes and includes drinks, breakfast, and lunch. You can even get a free hug from Tim himself, described as "the most sought after item is one that never gets cold, is sweet but not too sweet, guilt free, calorie free, and guaranteed to brighten your day."

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