Order a Volvo in US or Canada, Get a Free Holiday to Sweden to Test Drive It

    Americans buying a Volvo can get a free holiday to Sweden to test drive their new car. All costs, including airfare and shipment of the car, are covered by the Volvo Overseas Delivery program.

    The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is offering a pretty sweet deal to their international customers.

    The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program offers customers a two round-trip tickets to Scandinavia with business lounge access, one night in a first-class hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, a significant discount on the car, and free shipment to your local Volvo dealer - with expenses such as U.S. import duties fully paid for.

    While in Sweden, you'll be able to test drive your new ride on Swedish roads. You'll also have the option to tour the factory where your new car's made.

    The program was created over 50 years ago and has since delivered over 300,000 vehicles.

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