Writer of American Psycho Accidentally Tweeted Cocaine Order

    American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis tried to order cocaine from his dealer but, instead of texting him, he accidentally tweeted it to his 350k followers.

    In what must be one of celebrities' worst nightmares, Bret Easton Ellis accidentally sent his request for cocaine as a public tweet instead of to his drug dealer.

    The L.A.-based American Psycho writer, who had around 350k followers at the time, sent the tweet on the morning of Dec 3, 2012, after ranting about the Oscars.

    The tweet has not been removed and can still be viewed on his Twitter feed.

    Ellis does not shy his cocaine use, alleging in another tweet that "Somewhere in the late 1980's I almost found myself in a coked-up threesome with Rielle Hunter in my condo on 13th Street in New York."

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