Elvis Presley's Twin Brother, Jesse Garon Presley

    Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll and, to this day, many people choose to impersonate him. One little known fact, however, is that he actually had an identical twin named Jesse Garon Presley.

    Elvis was an incredibly famous singer who was crowned 'King of Rock and Roll' by the media. Even to this day, fans choose to imitate Elvis with great impersonations.

    One little known fact, however, is that Elvis had a real, biological identical twin. Named Jesse Garon Presley, he sadly died at birth, while Elvis went on to live as an only child.

    Despite their unfortunate separation at birth, Elvis remained close to his lost twin and, as he lay down at night, reportedly held special conversations with him about his day and the people that he'd met and spoke to.

    It makes one wonder: what would the world have been like if his twin had lived?

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