George Clooney Cat Litter

    George Clooney Pooped in Friend's Cat Litter Box

    George Clooney once cleaned his roommate's cat litter box for four consecutive days, then crapped in it himself, causing his roommate to think it was from his constipated cat.


    George Clooney, famous for his many movie roles, was once dubbed the world's sexiest man alive. However, don't be deceived: Clooney has a dirty, stinking secret that he revealed in an interview with Dennis Miller.

    According to the interview, Clooney seized an opportunity to prank his friend when he noticed that his cat had not defecated for roughly 3 days.

    Subsequently, seeing the potential for an elaborate, yet gross prank, Clooney secretly scooped the cat's poop out of the litter box and flushed it down the toilet for 4 consecutive days. During this period, his friend, growing increasingly concerned, took the cat to a vet who prescribed it laxative medication to force a bowel movement, but still Clooney continued to remove the poop.

    Eventually, Clooney decided to polish off the prank by taking an unusually big poop in the poor cat's litter box, much to his friend's surprise and disgust who believed that it was the constipated cat that delivered huge mess before him when he came across it.

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