Third of All Divorce Filings State 'Facebook'

    In 2011, more than a third of all US divorce filings contained the word 'Facebook'.

    Facebook is the world's most popular social network, connecting billions of people around the world and giving them the ability to share photos, send messages, post statuses, and even publicise their relationship status.

    This rise to popularity, it seems, has coincided with the increasing number of divorce filings that contain the word 'Facebook'.

    In fact, a UK-based legal services firm, Divorce Online, found that this was the case for more than a third of divorce filings. They also found that over 80% of US divorce attorneys had seen an increase in social networks being used in reasons for divorce.

    The author of the book "Facebook and Your Marriage" claims that "affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook", thanks to the ability to easily search and connect with people local and non-local - all it takes is just a few clicks.

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