The Reason Why You Can't Create a Folder Called 'Con' on Windows

    It’s not possible to create a folder named “con” on a Windows computer.

    If you've ever tried giving a folder the name of 'con' on a Windows machine, you'll know that the system will throw an error message, claiming that the name is 'invalid'.

    The reason for this is simple: It's a reserved word in the Windows system that's been in place since MS-DOS, which has a number of other reserved words for system device drivers. Microsoft provide a list and their associated function on their website:

    Name Function
    ---- --------
    CON Keyboard and display
    PRN System list device, usually a parallel port
    AUX Auxiliary device, usually a serial port
    CLOCK$ System real-time clock
    NUL Bit-bucket device
    A:-Z: Drive letters
    COM1 First serial communications port
    LPT1 First parallel printer port
    LPT2 Second parallel printer port
    LPT3 Third parallel printer port
    COM2 Second serial communications port
    COM3 Third serial communications port
    COM4 Fourth serial communications port

    According to a thread on StackOverflow, it is indeed possible to work around the system and use one of these names for a folder. Simply open the command prompt by running 'cmd', then type into the console:

    md \\.\\C:\con

    This will create a folder named 'con' on your C drive. Modify where appropriate. To remove the new folder, you should run the following command:

    rd/s \\.\\C:\con

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