Doctoral Sword

    Top Hat and Doctoral Sword in University in Finland

    In Finland, you are given a top hat and a sword when you get a PhD diploma.

    While most people graduate with a tall, black hat and a gown, PhD students graduating in Finland also get a sword.

    The sword features a black or golden clip and comes with a scabbard. It is the officially certified civilian sword of the independent republic of Finland. Additionally, it can be fitted with a golden emblem of the university.

    Traditionally, men wear the sword on their their left, using a clip that is aown to the trousers

    Women are enabled to be more creative with their attachment, because typically, their gowns aren't strong enough to support both the sword and scabbard. One common example is to attach the sword to the belt of the skirt. Women also have the option to carry the sword if they choose so.

    Doctoral swords can be purchased in collective orders and have the person's name, dissertation date, and the date of the Degree Ceremony etched into the sword.

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