Wife-Carrying Championship in Finland Gives Winners Wife's Weight in Beer

    There's a wife-carrying championship that takes place in Finland every year where the winner receives his wife's weight in beer.

    There are all kinds of sporting events taking place in the world, but one that you probably don't hear about every day is 'wife-carrying', where competitors carry a female teammate.

    The objective of this competition is for the 'husband' teammate to carry the 'wife' through an obstacle track in the fastest possible time.

    There are many carrying techniques which participants employ, including the well-known piggyback, fireman's carry, and "Estonian-style" where the wife wraps her legs around the husband's shoulders and hangs upside down while holding onto his waist.

    The event first emerged in Finland, where even World Wife-Carrying Championships are now held - and winners of this competition win their wife's weight in beer!

    There are also wife-carrying competitions in Australia, North America, and even Asia.

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