Yucatán, Mexico Means "I Don't Understand You"

    The Mexican state of Yucatán was named so after a misunderstanding when the Spaniards arrived and asked the locals what they called the place. The locals replied "Yucatan" which means "I don’t understand you" in their native tongue.

    The land of what comprises today's Mexico never used to be the Spanish-speaking country that we know today. Before the Spanish exploration and subsequent conquest, the Mayans lay claim to the land.

    However, as the Spanish expanded into the New World, they came into increasing contact with the native tribes.

    When landing in what is the present day state of Yucatán, the Conquistadors from Europe asked the native Mayans what the name for the location was called - to which they probably replied: "Ma'anaatik ka t'ann", which was possibly heard as "Yucatán" and translates to: "I do not understand you."

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