Fart Pills That Make Your Flatulence Smell Pretty

    There are pills that make your farts smell like roses. There's also the 'Father Christmas Fart Pill', which makes them smell like chocolate.

    Everybody farts - even women, who fart just as much as men. For some, however, room evacuations after a spell of toxic wind can be a problem.

    A frenchman named Christian Poincheval, a 65-year-old who goes by the name Lutin Malin (Evil Leprechaun), has come up with just the solution: pills that perfume your farts.

    He came up with the novel idea after a rather off-smelling experience while dining with flatulent friends. "Our farts were so smelly we nearly suffocated. Something had to be done." he said.

    He started selling the pills, which make your farts smell of roses, in 2006 and claims that the sales have been good. He even launched a new pill, called the 'Father Christmas Fart Pill', that makes your farts smell of chocolate.

    The pills ingredients are: mixed vegetable charcoal, fennel, lithothamne (seaweed), propolis (plant resin), and blueberry.

    Malin sees sales rise at Christmas and have proven a popular Christmas gift.

    Know someone who could do with some? They cost €9.99 and are shipped internationally.

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