In Alaska, There's Pizza Delivery by Plane - For Free!

    There's a pizza company in Alaska called 'Airport Pizza' that delivers for free by plane. Pizzas cost $30 each, any time of year.

    The concept of ordering a city-style pizza delivery in the outreaches of Alaska may not be as far-fetched as one would think.

    Airport Pizza, based in the town of Nome on the Alaskan west coast, caters for hungry customers that are within hundreds of miles - by plane!

    The pizzas are delivered through the Frontier Flying Service, piggybacking on outgoing flights.

    It doesn't end there. Most of the final delivery destinations, usually old remote gold-rush towns, are quite the distance from the airstrip and have to be driven to on an ATV through muddy roads before finally reaching the plates of their purchaser.

    Airport Pizza's menu includes many appetising tasties, such as sausage pie, bacon pie, spicy chicken, and, of course, pizza.

    Common locations for delivery include Shishmaref, Kotzubue, and St. Lawrence Island, which is nearly 200 miles away.

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