White Strawberries

    Japan's White Strawberries

    There's a type of strawberry in Japan that is completely white, inside and out, with red seeds.

    The strawberry, easily identified by many for its succulent red appearance, is many people's favorite fruit and can make a tasty addition to a healthy diet. In Japan, however, there's one strawberry cultivar that is actually white, with red seeds.

    The white strawberries, named "Hatsukoi no kaori/the Scent of First Love," are the result of ten years of cross-breeding by Miyoshi Agritech Co. to attain an interior and exterior that's completely white, except for red seeds.

    Reportedly, they have a sweet and rich taste and are considered a delicacy, reportedly selling for about US$6 each. They have become a popular gift item at weddings, birthdays, and the sort.

    The Scent of First Love strawberries are not to be mistaken for the pineberry, another cultivar of strawberry that originated in South America and reportedly tastes like pineapple.

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