Netflix and Chill Button

    Netflix and Chill? There's a Button for That

    Netflix has invented a 'Netflix and Chill' button that can be programmed to automatically order food, dim the lights, silence your phone, and put Netflix on the TV.

    If you're up to scratch with the lingo of the Netflix generation, you'll have heard of the phrase 'Netflix and chill' - commonly used by people as subtle wording for hooking up.

    The term has become somewhat of a big coup d'etat for Netflix marketing and thanks to the popularization of the internet, is used by people around the world.

    In September, 2015, Netflix unvelied the 'Netflix switch' that can be programmed to do things such as dimming the lights, silencing your phone, ordering food, and, of course, booting up Netflix on your TV.

    Almost immediately, the switch was dubbed the 'Netflix and chill button'.

    The switch isn't currently being sold commercial. Instead, Netflix has instructions on how to make your own.

    It can be either battery-powered or connected to the mains and a router and internet connection are required.

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