Evil Birthday Clown

    Evil Clown for Hire Will Stalk Your Kids and Smash Cake in Their Face

    In Lucerne, Switzerland, you can hire an evil clown to stalk your child for a week before their birthday, and on that day, he will smash a cake into your child’s face.

    If you're looking to mildly traumatize your child into having something to talk about at their therapy sessions, and you live in or near Lucerne, Switzerland, there's an evil clown for rent that'll do just that for you.

    The man behind the mask, Dominic Deville, dresses up as a demonic clown that looks fresh from an 80s horror film and, for a fee, will stalk your child throughout the week leading up to their birthday.

    Donning orange hair, large floppy shoes, and a demonic-looking face with equally distasteful teeth, his overall goal during the stalking process is to smash a cake into the child's face when they least expect it.

    He also harrasses his victims through phone calls, text messages, and letters that inform the poor child of their imminent demise.

    Parents have the option to cancel the service if they feel that their child is being overwhelmed. Deville insists that the service is "all in fun."

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