Curvy Hips

    Curvy Hips Indicate Smart Women Who Deliver Intelligent Children

    According to studies, curvy hips indicate smart women who are more likely to deliver intelligent children.

    Intelligence is always something that we are trying to get a better handle on. People are always looking for ways to determine what could cause increased intelligence or what is linked to children that have higher learning capabilities. Some of the links seem common, but others seem very strange. A recent study determined that women with curvy figures were actually more likely to give birth to children with increased intelligence than those who did not have a curvy figure. Who knew that hips could be so important? This is a study that has caused a lot of questioning and many people are looking for more answers.

    Here is more information about the theory that curvy hips result in more intelligent offspring:


    The study that was completed involved about 16,000 women and girls. Not only were cognitive tests done on the children of curvy women, but the curvy women themselves were also given these tests. It was found that curvy women scored higher on the cognitive tests as well as their children. The results of the study showed that women with wider hips corresponded with higher cognitive scores. This means that women with more curves did much better on the cognitive tests than those women that did not have curves.


    Due to the link that was found to be evident between curves and high cognitive test scores, it was determined that fatty acids could be the culprit. Researchers were looking for a cause and it was believed that the fatty acids on the hips could potentially be the reason why the women scored so much better on the tests. The fat that is most likely present on this part of the body is typically Fatty Omega 3, which is linked to mental capabilities. This means that having more Omega 3 in the body could be the explanation behind why women with bigger curves give birth to children that have higher IQ levels.


    Even though a link between curves and intelligence has been established, there are many researchers that are not convinced of these findings. Most are very skeptical and feel that more could be at play than just curves being the cause of intelligence. Omega 3 is linked to mental capabilities, but more research needs to be done to determine if there is a real link that exists between curves and intelligence levels.

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