Red, Yellow, and Orange Stimulate Appetite

    The colors red, yellow and orange are not recommended for use in kitchens if you're trying to lose weight as they are known to stimulate appetite.

    Colors are all around us and we all have our favorite one, but did you know that they have sublime effects on our behavior?

    Red, yellow, and orange are colors that are known to affect appetite, subconsciously increasing the chances of us becoming peckish, and it makes sense - after all, these colors are commonly found in tasty foods such as pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, and the likes.

    Orange, as well as increasing appetite, is uplifting and promotes optimism. It's a great color for emotional wellbeing.

    Yellow is the lightest color in the spectrum. It's also uplifting, promoting "hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and fun". It's also considered a promoter of knowledge and intelligence.

    Red is a warm and positive color which is associated with "physical needs" and "our will to survive", signifying ambition and leadership. It promotes alertness and astuteness.

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