Emperor Claudius Allowed Romans to Fart at Dinner Table

    After hearing of a man who almost died from holding in farts whilst dining, Emperor Claudius is said to have proclaimed an edict that allowed Romans to fart at the dinner table.

    Romans were renowned for their openness in certain departments, such as sharing public baths whilst nude and even pooping next to one another. They were also renowned for their advanced system of law and order that gave citizens rights and freedoms that few societies had seen up to that point.

    It has been circulated around the internet that one Roman emperor, Claudius, actually passed a law that made it legal for people to "pass gas whenever necessary."

    The truth behind this comes from a written work called the Life of Claudius by Suetonius, a Roman historian at the time, which mentions that Emperor Claudius, who often entertained nobles and other guests while dining, mentioned his intention to issue an edict that gave Romans the privilege to fart whilst at the dining table after hearing of a man who almost died from holding them in.

    Emperor Claudius reigned from 41 AD to 54 AD and was considered an ambitious and efficient ruler who oversaw the expansion of the Roman empire and its infrastructure. He took a personal interest in law, attending public trials, and issued up to 20 edicts a day.

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