Cuddle Mattress

    Cuddle Mattress: Layered Foam Mattress for Easier Cuddling

    There is a bed called the Cuddle Mattress that it is divided into layers of foam for your arm to slip though.

    For affectionate couples in bed, finding a position for long periods of cuddling without a dead-arm can be like yoga practice. One company has come up with just the solution: the cuddle mattress.

    This innovation by Mehdi Mojtabavi allows couples to cuddle easily and, most importantly, comfortably. To achieve this, it has layers of foam that allow the cuddler to slip his or her arm through the gaps into the mattress.

    The bed is essentially divded up into many sections that are a few a few inches wide and have a comfortable depth. It also has other practical uses; people who sleep on their stomach can wedge their feet into the lower slats. and those who sleep on their side can tuck their arm in to the upper ones.

    Each section has a soft and a firm side which can be flipped depending on your preference.

    The Cuddle Mattress is currently being sold online from their website, with prices ranging from a hefty $1400 to a whopping $2350.

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