Hugging your pillow while sleeping indicates that you miss someone

    Pillow hugging while sleeping is a subconscious indication that you miss someone.

    There are all kinds of things that we can learn from the hints that our subconscious lets surface in our every day habits.

    One of those hints comes from the way that we sleep. Analysis of a study that was performed by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service revealed that the position that we sleep in can give away personality traits and subconscious thoughts.

    For example, people who sleep in the fetal position tend to be very emotional, artistic, and sensitive while having a greater capacity for more intense relationships whereas people who sleep on their stomachs with their hands around the pillow tend to be more "thin-skinned underneath their outgoing exteriors and dislike criticism or extreme situations."

    They also found that people who sleep in the fetal position may also hug a pillow or stuffed animal. Analysis of this behaviour indicates that this is because of emotional connection, the desire to be close to someone or even something.

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