The World Ship: Live Permanently Cruising the Oceans

    There's a cruise ship named "The World" where residents permanently live as it travels around the globe.

    Essentially, cruises are sailing hotels. Many feature swimming pools, various leisure activities, and floors of shops, bars, and clubs. How cool would it be if you could actually live on one permanently?

    There's one ship that enables you to do just that.

    MS The World is a ship that takes on permanent residents in its 165 apartments as it sails around the world.

    There is a wide variety of facilities. For food and general supplies, there's a gourmet deli and a grocery store that cater for most of the resident's daily needs.

    Leisure and fitness is also covered with the fitness center, billiard room, golf green, tennis court, jogging track, and swimming pool.

    For entertainment, there's a cocktail lounge, movie theater, and library.

    Also available are classes that cover various topics, such as dance, language, cooking, art, computing, etc.

    The ship has 165 luxury apartments - and they don't come cheap:

    • Studio - $600,000
    • Two bed apartment - $2,950,000
    • Suites - $15,500,000

    The apartments vary in size, ranging from 1350 ft² to 3000 ft² - the latter being dubbed "cruise mansions".

    Short-term rentals are also available. Per person per night for a minimum of 5 days, the cheapest is a studio apartment will set you back $550. The suite rental is a ~20,000 for a month.

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