Amou Haji

    Man Who Hasn't Washed for 60 Years and Smokes Animal Poop

    There's an Iranian man, called Amou Haji, whose skin has turned black because he hasn't washed for over 60 years. Also, he smokes animal faeces.

    If you're like most people, going without a bath or shower for a few days prompts an icky feeling.

    Now, imagine going for over 60 years without a wash; that's exactly what one Iranian man, who leads a rather different lifestyle, has done.

    Amou Haji vehemently believes that washing himself will make him sick. This strongfelt belief has endured for over 60 years and his skin has consequently turned black.

    Haji leads a fairly solitary and isolated life, possibly affected by his philosophy on personal hygiene.

    As well as smoking 5 regular cigarettes at a time, he enjoys smoking animal faeces in a dirt-coated pipe. He also has an unusual food tastes, with his favourite meal being rotten porcupine.

    Despite all this, Haji, who is unsurprisingly single, claims to now be searching for love. It remains to be seen if the man who has been dubbed the 'world's dirtiest man' can find an accepting partner that'll see through the layers of dirt and unconventional living to the man underneath.

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