Cuddle Parties: Meet Strangers for a Cuddle and to Meet New Friends

    There is an organization called the 'Cuddle Party' that holds cuddle parties where you cuddle with strangers and make new friends.

    Feeling lonely? Just want to receive a hug off somebody? Anybody? Well you're in luck - there may be a 'cuddle party' near you!

    Started back in February 2004 to be a "playful social event" for adults to explore their boundaries and experience affection, the Cuddle Party is a non-profit organization that organizes events where people can cuddle and converse.

    Anyone can attend the events, which are hosted in a safe environment. Single people, couples, and even families are reported to attend such events, which can involve hugging, massaging, spooning, and puppy-piling.

    Hugging is an intimate gesture that has under-the-bonnet effects on our physiology. It releases chemicals that help us feel relaxed and at ease. Some scientists have claimed that hugging can have the same neurological effect as painkillers.

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