Trendy Crooked Teeth

    Yaeba: Japan's Crooked Teeth Trend

    In Japan, ‘yaeba’ (or crooked teeth) in girls is considered cute and attractive. Girls actually undergo procedures to un-straighten their teeth.

    Japan certainly isn't a country that shies from what the west may consider weird or even crazy.

    Joining the list of interesting Japanese trends is 'yaeba,' or crooked teeth, which is popular with girls in their teens and twenties. Some go to great lengths to attain the yaeba look, even undergoing expensive dental operations.

    Yaeba literally translates to "double tooth" and the popular dental operation associated with it usually sees the upper canines rearranged either permanently or temporarily.

    So popular is this trend, there's at least one clinic in Tokyo that offers high school students a 50% discount on yaeba operations to make selected teeth appear crooked.

    The procedure usually costs between US$200 - $523 per tooth.

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