Sound Wave "I Do" Wedding Rings

    There's a Japanese artist and designer who makes wedding rings embedded with the the sound waves for "I do".

    Many people who seek to become betrothed often seek out snazzy and expensive rings, but how do they size up to this unique gem?

    A female Japanese artist and designer named Sakurako Shimizu, based in Brooklyn, NY, has started making wedding rings that are embedded with the sound waves for "I do" using laser-cutting techniques - and now even harnesses the power of 3D printing for curved rings.

    Shipped internationally, the rings are available in silver, 18 karat and 14 karat white, red, and yellow gold, and platinum.

    Prices range from $560 to $1885 U.S. dollars - the cheapest being silver at a fixed price of $560 and the most expensive being platinum, starting at $1590.

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