Donald Trump's Twitter

    Donald Trump's Twitter account was taken down by departing Twitter employee

    On 2nd Nov 2017, President Trump's Twitter account was deactivated for 11 minutes by a departing Twitter employee.

    President Donald Trump certainly has a divisive popularity and could be considered one of the most controversial U.S. presidents. He is renowned for his prolific Twitter tweeting, having caused many a controversy on the social media platform.

    On the 2nd of November, 2017, Donald Trump found himself locked out of his account for 11 minutes while the account's public-facing end displayed a message that read: "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!"

    His account had been mysteriously deactivated. Usually one would point the finger at Twitter hackers, but after a brief investigation, Twitter announced that it was down to a customer support employee who was on his last day at the job. Twitter said that they are conducting a "full internal review."

    Donald Trump's Twitter account was created in 2009 and - at the time of writing - has sent out over 36,000 tweets. Since emerging as a political figure, he has often promoted his policies and launched attacks on his opponents on the platform.

    He has often come under fire for outlandish and sometimes untrue statements, such as when he incorrectly linked a rise in the UK crime rate to Islamic radicals. He also landed Twitter in hot water when he threatened North Korea with annihilation. Twitter's terms of service do not permit threats of violence, so Twitter had to justify the retention of the tweet and the lack of disciplinary action on the account by claiming that it was "newsworthy".

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