Coke-Powered Phone

    Daizi Zheng, Chinese Designer, Invented a Coke-Powered Phone

    Daizi Zheng, a Chinese designer, made a Coca-Cola powered cell phone. She designed a battery that uses enzymes to generate electricity from the carbs.

    In 2010, a female Chinese innovator named Daizi Zheng proposed a new approach to powering everyday mobile phones: sugary carbs like Coca-Cola.

    Zheng's research found that conventional batteries are expensive and detrimental to the environment because of their difficulty to dispose of and Earth-unfriendly composition. Furthermore, she found that the manufacturing process was resource-hungry and time-consuming.

    The alternative she proposes, a bio-battery-powered phone, is biodegradeable and has a potential life-span that is three to four times longer than the commonly-used lilthium batteries.

    The bio-battery is powered by the enzymes from carbohydrates - currently sugar - which is poured in liquid form into the top of the 'green phone' that has a removable screw-cap top.

    The bio-battery even runs off of Coca-Cola. Once the battery dies, all that remains is oxygen and water.

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