Yao Ming's Father Was the Tallest Man in China, Mother Was Tallest Female Basketball Player

    Yao Ming, famous for being the tallest player in the NBA, was born after the Chinese government "encouraged" the marriage of his parents; the country's tallest man and tallest female basketball player.

    Before his retirement, Yao Ming was the tallest basketball player in the NBA - measuring in at 7'6".

    Unbeknown to many, however, is that his birth was not a consequence of the natural course of lover's destiny, but the planning of the Chinese government in a scheme that could be considered reminiscent of eugenics.

    Since the reign of Mao Zedong, the communist government of China has sculpted a pride-filled society on artistry and sports. During this time, Yao Ming's parents were 'encouraged' to marry each other with the expectation that they'd create a child that exhibits prowess in sports.

    His father was the tallest man in China and his mother the tallest female basketball player.

    Marry they did, and as predicted; Yao Ming was born. He reached a height of 7'6" and from a young age he was intensively trained. He was also fed a mysterious concoction by scientists in the hope that it'd further stimulate his growth. It's is now speculated that this was hormone treatment during a time China had numerous doping scandals.

    Yao went on to become a well-known and successful basketballer playing for the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He has received various sporting awards and is one of the tallest people in the world.

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