3D-Printed Cast Heals Bones 40% Faster with Ultrasound

    There's a 3D-printed cast, developed by Turkish designer Deniz Karasahin, that uses ultrasound to help heal bones 40% faster.

    3D-printing is taking the world by storm that's set to become common and widespread in the future.

    One Turkish industrial designer, Deniz Karasahin, has joined the growing list of 3D-printing innovators and created a 3D-printed cast.

    Not just any cast, but one that harnesses a low intensity ultrasound system, known as LIPUS, for 20 minutes a day, which he claims will heal bones about 40% faster than conventional healing.

    The healing rate of 'non-union' fractures, where the bones show no sign of improvement in 3-6 months, could be improved by up to 80%.

    The cast is shaped in a lattice pattern and is filled with ventilation holes, which prevents the itching and smell of the traditional cast. The 3D-printed casts are water resistant, environmentally-friendly, slimmer, and lighter.

    To ensure the perfect fit, the patient would have their injured limb 3D-scanned, analyzed using modelling software, and the cast would be custom printed based on the data.

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