Forrest Gump Novel

    In Forrest Gump Novel, Gump Goes to Space and Crash Lands on Cannibal Island

    In the “Forrest Gump” novel that the movie is based on, Forrest goes into space with NASA. Upon return, he crash lands on an island full of cannibals. He only survives because he beats the head cannibal at chess everyday.

    Upon release, the 1994 movie Forrest gump was hugely popular. It coined phrases such as "run Forrest" and "life's just like a box of chocolates," which are still uttered today.

    The novel on which the film was based, "Forrest Gump" by Winston Groom, was published in 1986 and features some notable differences in storyline.

    One such omission is where Forrest joins a NASA space programme and travels to space with a woman and a male orangutan. Subsequently, he crash lands in Papua New Guinea near a population of cannibals and, alongside his fellow astronauts, becomes their captive for four years.

    He survives only because he beats the cannibals' leader at chess everyday.

    After returning to freedom, the ape becomes Gump's life-long friend and a partner in his shrimp business.

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