Kansas Woman Sat on Toilet Seat for 2 Years and Became Physically Stuck

    A woman in Kansas who sat on the toilet for 2 years had to be rescued after she became physically stuck to it.

    Police in Ness County, Kansas, were called to an address by a woman's boyfriend after she became stuck to a toilet seat.

    She reportedly spent 2 years seated on it, which is given credibility by the fact that her skin had actually fused with the seat itself.

    After responders convinced the reluctant woman that she needed hospital treatment, they removed the seat from the toilet and sent her to the hospital with it still attached to her body. There, she had it removed.

    "She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body" County Sheriff Bryan Whipple is quoted by the Associated Press as saying.

    Police suspect domestic mistreatment by the woman's boyfriend may be involved.

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