Pizza Hut Perfume

    The Pizza Hut Perfume

    In 2012, Pizza Hut released a perfume that smells like a box of fresh pizza.

    The smell upon opening a takeaway pizza box containing freshly-baked deliciousness is certainly one for getting most people's taste buds tingling with excitement.

    This smell, it seems, has been epitomised as a perfume, of all things, by Pizza Hut after a joke Facebook post asking their users "What smell do you think of when you open a Pizza Hut Box?" became so popular, it inspired Pizza Hut to actually turn it into a perfume.

    The team responsible for the perfume tested a variety of pizza scents and homed in on their favorite, which turned out to be freshly baked bread, beating down the more cheesey smell.

    Unfortunately for eager fans looking to lavish their bodies in the scent of fresh pizza box, the Pizza Hut scent was a limited release to 100 lucky respondents to a promotional post on Facebook.

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