Science of Batman

    University of Victoria Offers Batman Science Course

    The University of Victoria states on their website that the course in the science of Batman uses Batman as a "metaphor for the ultimate in human conditioning," amongst other things.

    Ask anyone for the name of the first superhero they can think of and many will probably say "Batman." The superhero's popularity has grown ever since he was conceptualized in in 1939, birthing many popular comics, TV shows, and film sagas.

    Perhaps most interesting of the things to come from the Batman brand is a course being offered at the University of Victoria, called 'The Science of Batman.'

    The University's website explains what prospective students will be learning when they enroll:

    The extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the life of the Caped Crusader; examines human potential using Batman as a metaphor for the ultimate in human conditioning; evaluates the concepts of adaptation to exercise and injury from the perspective of science and exercise training; examines the multiple sciences behind exercise adaptation, musculoskeletal injury and concussion, and limitations of the human body and mind.

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